Les Dérailleurs sound like that band from the late 70s or early 80s that you’ve heard of, but never heard.

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Joe Pater (g & v), Franky Sinistra (b), Jeremy Smith (d), Dan Cooper (g)


Leave it On (Spring 2024 promo single)

2003 (released August 1, 2022)

Recorded by Joe Pater and Grant Ethier in 2003 (more details)

Cover art by Luke Cavagnac

SpotifyApple MusiciTunes, SoundCloud

Party (released March 1, 2021)

SpotifyApple MusiciTunes, SoundCloud

Recorded by Les Dérailleurs and Grant Wicks, mixed by Justin Pizzoferrato

A 45 for 45 (released October 16, 2018)

Available in vinyl at shows – and as you can see, it’s beautiful! 

Both the A-side explicit version, and the B-side clean version are available for streaming and download from our SoundCloud page.

You can also find it on Apple MusicSpotifyiTunes, Instagram/Facebook, Google Play/YouTube, Amazon, Pandora, Deezer, Tidal, Napster, iHeartRadio, ClaroMusica, Saavn, Anghami, KKBox, and MediaNet.

It was recorded and mixed by Les Dérailleurs, with Chris Kennedy guesting on bass. Mastered by Carl Saff.

False start EP (released July 5, 2018)

Available on: Apple Music, Spotify, iTunes, Google Play/YouTube, Amazon, Pandora, Deezer, Tidal, Napster, iHeartRadio, ClaroMusica, Saavn, Anghami, KKBox, MediaNet

Free high-quality downloads and streaming on Soundcloud.

Cover art by Sean Greene. Recorded and mixed by Les Dérailleurs and Grant Wicks. Mastered by Carl Saff.


Live at Sonelab March 2021. Recorded, filmed and mixed by Mark Alan Miller


Live at the 13th Floor, Florence, May 28th,  2018. Party and Adversary. Camera work by Dennis Steiner.



Friday May 3, 2024. 7th Anniversary Dance Punk Party at the Drake with special guest Steve Waksman, and Gold Dust and Magick Lantern


Saturday March 9, 2024. Meat for Tea with Mother Sasha at Abandoned Building Brewery.

Friday November 2, 2023. JJ’s tavern, Florence. With Graveyard of the Atlantic and Big Big Buildings.

Friday August 25, 2023. Gateway City Arts Holyoke with the Urojets and Hauzu.

Sunday May 28, 2023. Marigold Theater Easthampton with Feeding Fingers and Hauzu.

Wednesday May 24, 2023. 6th Anniversary Dance Punk Party at the Drake with Bugslam and Bunnies, and special guest Steve Waksman.

Tuesday June 21, 2022. Forbes library Fête de la Musique with the Expandable Brass Band.

Sunday August 15, 2021. John Doe Records with Sapien the beatmaker and Natalie Paige. Video.

Saturday March 6, 2021. Meat for Tea release party. Live performance filmed at Sonelab. Video.

Saturday May 9, 2020. WMUA/Flywheel virtual show. (Joey Derailleur solo show with Otto B, ElizaY2K and zoë viñas).

*Saturday March 21, 2020. Ashfield Lakehouse with Perennial and a glam-punk covers set. (Covid canceled).

Sunday September 15, 2019. Flywheel, Easthampton with B-Boys.

Friday June 7, 2019. Hughti’s at the Nook, Westfield. With Cash Sellout and Always Manic.

Saturday May 4, 2019. Lakehouse, Ashfield with Frost Heaves.

Friday May 3, 2019. Flywheel, Easthampton. With Walking Ghosts and Billy Moon.

Saturday April 13 2019. Flywheel, Easthampton. 20th Anniversary with Bush Tetras, Bunnies, and more.

Friday March 2, 2019. Flywheel, Easthampton. With Bunnies.

Friday February 1, 2019. Flywheel benefit (w/ Fair Moans and the Warblers)

Thursday September 13, 2018 Reanimate the Baystate, Sierra Grille, Northampton (w/ Dan Cooper and the Reverend Doctor)

Saturday September 8, 2018 Meat for Tea event at Sonelab/Abandoned Building Brewing, Easthampton (w/ The Electric Eyes)

8 pm sharp, Friday August 31, 2018. Opening set for Wolf Parade, Gateway City Arts, Holyoke.

July 5, 2018 Reanimate the Baystate, Sierra Grille, Northampton (EP release party w/ Seth Newton and Matt Byrde)

June 9, 2018 Hawks and Reed, Greenfield (w/ Muck and the Mires and the Feldons)

May 26, 2018 13th Floor, Florence (w/ Colin Moran, Sham Life and the Port City Saints)

March 1, 2018 Reanimate the Baystate, Sierra Grille, Northampton (w/ Grey Matter and Frost Heaves)

February 8, 2018 Flywheel, Easthampton,(w/ the Feldons and the Boogalistics)

February 3, 2018 Live on WTCC Springfield (It’s a wonderful punk rock program with Becca)

December 8, 2017 Benefit for Flywheel, Easthampton, MA (w/ Perennial, Frozen Corn and OroborO)

June 30, 2017 Flywheel, Easthampton  (w/ Becky Kessler)

January 20, 2017 Anti-inauguration party, Flywheel (w/ many other bands)